Mediating Architecture (2008)

Mediating Architecture was an architectural design studio at RMIT University.

The studio invited students to engage with the themes of the Urban Screens program and conference that ran at Federation Square from 3 – 8 October 2008. The Melbourne Urban Screens Conference and Multi- media Program created a platform to explore the growing international discussion on how pervasive computing and other new media technologies might be affecting architecture and cities. Students attended the conference in full.

This studio studied a number of pre-cinematic media technologies – including mechanisms, both simple and complex, that create illusions and phantasmagoria, and those used for presenting still and moving images – that were discarded with the popularisation of digital media, film and animation.

Mediating Architecture investigated how the principles of these discarded technologies might be used to create architecture that produces mediated engagements through its everyday operation and inhabitation.


360 Degree Pod

As a part of the studio, the students developed and constructed a 1:1 a prototype of a selected student design that was installed at Federation Square as a part of the Urban Screens Multimedia Public Art Program from 3 – 8 October 2008.

Delving deep into the fertile ground of discarded technologies, the 360 Degree Pod developed the simple camera obscura into an inhabitable architectural apparatus. Operating simultaneously as camera, projector and screen, the structure mediated the visual relationship between the inhabitant and their surrounds in an evocative textural experience.

Original concept design: Alex Mak and Jo-Han Seah. Project team: Khara Abate, Zeynep Cakir, Aphiphong Chaichavalit, Tamara Cher, Amir Hamzah, Qian Huang, Jack Meagher, Alicia Pichner, Sean Seah, Ben Stafford, Pui Han Sung, Linton Wood, and Xuan Qi Yang. Tutor: Anna Tweeddale.