Elaborate Spaces (2007)

Elaborate Spaces in an architectural elective unit that was run at RMIT University.

Developments in technology, culture, politics and economics together contribute to the rapidly changing human environment. New languages, literacies and techniques are constantly evolving and changing from the interplay of these factors. This poses various challenges and possibilities for contemporary architecture particularly in addressing how the physical spaces inhabited by the body and virtual space “are to link and exist in contiguity with each other and how we are to inhabit them in times to come”. 1

Throughout history various architectural spaces have responded to and integrated the emerging technologies, knowledge and cultures of their time whilst seducing the senses, imagination and intellect. The Elaborate Spaces seminar will investigate historic examples such as gardens, theatres, and fairgrounds to explore possible relevance to contemporary challenges.

Through lectures, workshops and discussions of readings/ projects the seminar aimed to widen student’s reading and develop skills in analysing and forming arguments. In addition to this the students developed a taxonomy of contemporary and historic spaces that could provide useful reference.

1. Elizabeth Grosz. “Cyberspace, Virtuality and the Real: Some Architectural Reflections”, Anybody, Cynthia Davidson. ed. (Any Corporation 1997), pp.108- 117.