Alchemy (2010)

Alchemy was an interdisciplinary design studio run in collaboration with Dr Troy Innocent and Mark Guglielmetti of the School of Multimedia and Digital Arts at Monash University.

This studio asked students to take narrative and digital media as a starting point for the design process and as a means to investigate and articulate an architectural project. Parallel to these investigations the studio considered moments of ritual in the contemporary city.

Students from Architecture and Multimedia and Digital Arts worked together until mid-semester, challenging them to step outside their familiar disciplines and learning from other concepts and approaches. During this time students learned new skills including an introduction to animation techniques, video capture and Adobe After Effects.

Through lectures, screenings, and individual research the studio looked at precedent projects and concepts from architecture, contemporary art and culture (including animation, film, and new media) that inform the investigation of ritual, narrative and space.

For the latter part of the semester students were finally asked to integrate narrative and media skills with considerations of ritual in the contemporary city through an architectural design project.