Sonorities of Site - Review for Resonate Magazine

Sonorities of Site – Review for Resonate Magazine

Bonnie Cairncross has written a review of the book Sonorities of Site: Aphids, Architecture and New Music for Resonate, the journal of the Australian Music Centre. The following is an extract:

Anna Tweeddale’s fold-out diagram on page 39 of Sonorities of Site, titled ‘Aphids: A Selective Archaeology of Practice 1994-2010’, makes stunning use of these artistic strategies for defining the projects. Tweeddale’s essay takes the themes of ‘territories of intensity’, ‘reinterpreting site’, ‘graphic/sculptural music scores’, and ‘instrument building’ to observe continuities in Aphids’ practice. Her diagram then uses these terms to graphically locate the projects in a selective architectural timeline. Tweeddale’s timeline also suggests the flow-on effect of ideas that generated new projects. It is evident through reading Sonorities of Site that the individual projects did not exist in their own ‘exclusive’ space, separate from others. Rather, one can see that, as acknowledged by David Young (p. 102), ‘an idea here or a conversation there later became another performance, an installation, a song, or a publication’. The fluidity between projects and artforms is extended through the publication as each of the contributors brings a different focus to frame the new music projects.

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